CRC Partnerships with McLean Hospital

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Our Work in Partnership with McLean Hospital …

The Cole Resource Center works closely with McLean Hospital, the world-renowned center for psychiatric treatment, education, and research.  (CRC is an independent nonprofit organization with its offices located on McLean’s Belmont, Massachusetts campus.)  These programs serve directly the patients and families who are part of the McLean community.  They also play an invaluable role in shaping the many public programs of the Cole Resource Center.

 Peer & Family Navigator.  Brian Scott, Esq., has been serving as McLean Hospital’s first formal peer/family navigator since March 2018.  Based in the Cole Resource Center, Brian helps patients and families negotiate the challenges to living meaningful lives after hospital care.  He provides both practical assistance and mentorship to inpatients in units at McLean.   

The Peer Integration pilot program.  This innovative program supports the work of Peer Mentors as part of the treatment teams in McLean inpatient units.  It is a carefully designed six-month pilot program that has the potential to transform patient care generally by demonstrating the value of peer engagement in treatment and recovery of persons with psychiatric illness.  The Peer Integration pilot is funded by private donation and by McLean Hospital.

Life Skills Training for Adolescent Girls.  “3 East” is McLean’s intensive DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) program for adolescent girls ages 13-21.  The Cole Resource Center provides structured, weekly sessions in which 3 East patients practice the life skills that they are learning while enjoying group activities.

Peer Navigator Support for Outpatients.  CRC has partnered with the behavioral outpatient group at McLean to offer regular “business hours” during which outpatients may schedule appointments with the CRC peer navigators.  The navigators provide referrals to clinicians, housing, volunteer or work opportunities, and other needs of those in transition from a hospital stay.

McLean Family Support Group.  Joanne Grady-Savard and Brian Scott help to facilitate a weekly support group, offered by McLean clinical staff, for families in the McLean community.

Cole-to-Teen.  CRC helps to support the long-established Cole-to-Teen mentoring program run by Carol Brown of McLean’s Volunteer Services department.  Cole-to-Teen offers activities with teen mentors for teens aged 13-18 who are inpatient participants in the Adolescent Psychiatry Program at McLean.

McLean PFAC.  Four CRC associates serve as invited members of McLean’s Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC):  Joanne Grady-Savard, Brian Scott, Ellen Faran, and Jane Plank.  The Council gathers patients, family members, clinicians, and administrators from the McLean community to assure patient and family input into McLean programs and services.  Its bimonthly meetings provide a vibrant exchange of current information about developments in mental health care, community outreach, and new research and treatment methods.

The Cole Clothes Closet.  Continuing a welcomed McLean tradition, the Cole Resource Center gathers donated clothing for free distribution to patients in need.