The warm welcome and caring at the Cole Center has already had a profound impact on my life. As the mother of a child recently diagnosed, I have felt so alone, terrified, and confused...The time, attention, endless resources and guidance so freely offered by the volunteer staff have been of such value to me.
— Paula H, mother

our Mission

The Cole Resource Center is an education and recovery community of peers and family members, dedicated to helping people affected by mental health challenges lead full and healthy lives.

what we do | today

At the Cole Resource Center, we offer information, program opportunities, and referrals to resources. Please note that CRC does not provide clinical services. 

We share hope and a conviction that recovery from mental illness is achievable. All members of our staff have navigated the paths of today’s complex mental healthcare system and its many barriers.   We know from our own experience that education and empowerment—of both the individuals themselves and their family members and friends—can yield enormous benefits.

The Center focuses on building self-esteem, breaking isolation, making connections, providing hope and guidance, and raising public awareness about mental illness. We work to help individuals and family members gain respect within the community. We strive to reduce both internalized and societal stigma.

Over the last 25 years, the work of the Cole Resource Center has demonstrated that with knowledge and support those living with mental health challenges become more actively engaged in their own recovery, empowered to build healthier lives.


The Cole Resource Center is an independent 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Our offices are located in Belmont, Massachusetts on the campus of McLean Hospital. Formerly known as the Jonathan O. Cole, M.D. Consumer Mental Health Resource Center, we were renamed the Cole Resource Center in 2018.  Please note that we do not provide clinical services.