The Barkin/Whitman Workforce Development Program


The Barkin/Whitman Workforce Development Program provides compassionate, personalized guidance for individuals on their journeys toward wellness.  The return to work after an experience of illness is a critical transition for most people.  Our structured approach helps to promote lasting success through its focus on connecting with personal skills and interests.  Participants benefit from both our practical coaching and from the confidence that results from the process itself. 

This signature program of the Cole Resource Center is named in honor of Evie Barkin and Anne Whitman, our co-founders (see Our Story).  Helping individuals with mental health challenges join or re-enter the workforce was a major focus of CRC’s efforts over its first 25 years and today this formal, five-step program builds on that pioneering work.

To apply for the program or for more information, please contact Joanne Grady-Savard, Executive Director, at or 617-855-3298. 

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